Advice for gracefully completing an exit interview when you don’t feel like it?

I'm 50/50 split between being honest in my exit interview about the problems that pushed me to leave vs. keeping things light and breezy for a painless departure.

It's not really a toxic nonprofit—I've been at worse—but there are definitely strong personalities in charge, as well as some broad culture and process issues.

My direct supervisor, whom I get along great with and trust, is advising me to take the painless approach and prepare some safe talking points that just focus on the positives of my new opportunity as a way to frame very light-touch feedback. He said I should avoid unneeded hard conversations on my last day.

The highers-ups, who I see as well-meaning but sometimes unprofessional (e.g., hot-headed, defensive to feedback, not brushed up on management best practices), are asking me to give direct and honest feedback on culture and process problems that impacted my experience so they can make the next person's time better. They would be the ones conducting the exit interview; no HR staff.

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