A little too much too late.

I’ve worked at the same NPO for over 11 years now. I love the mission but the leadership of my CEO is something to be desired. I started working at the organization in my early 20s. I have felt a desire to move on for a while because I’ve hit a ceiling. My CEO and board assume that I’ll be taking over as CEO. They keep talking about the succession plan- but I’ve seen nothing. I feel it’s lip service to give me hope and prevent me from moving on. I know they need me.

I raised more than $40 million dollars over the past 10 years. We’ve ended every year with carry forward, rebuilt a reserve fund, and grown our impact x3. Fund development responsibilities have always fallen on my shoulders.

My CEO consistently hires a Director of Development that is typically older, “has lots of rich contacts,” and always fails. He also pays them more then double the salary of myself. They typically stick around for 6 months to 2 years. I would generously estimate that the combined efforts of the 8 DOD have raised around $75,000 over the past 10 years. Yet, time and time again, my CEO runs to the nearest boys club to find the next DOD to raise a ton of cash.

After the 7th DOD quit, I asked why has he never considered me? He said he already had someone in mind and the person is great… “they have lots of rich contacts…and it will take fund development off my plate.”

I was disappointed for sure, but realized that I hit my ceiling. Since then I’ve been working to give my two weeks. I am setting things up so that when I leave things are sustainable. That was just over a year ago and my exit timeline is early 2022.

Not shocking but history repeated itself again. The DOD quit and my CEO started looking for the next silver bullet.

This time was different though. I have no expectation that I would become the DOD. Once my CEO posted the job, he started getting calls from board members and staff asking if I quit too… because why wouldn’t he put me in that position?

Cue the meeting where the CEO says he “never thought of it before.”

“Do you think perhaps it’s because I’ve raise all the money? Or is it because I have strong relationships with our major donors and funders?… maybe both and more?”

He seem shocked like this never crossed his mind. And then in the same breath says… “well I’m super excited about this conversation! Think about all the money we can save by putting you in that position.”


So this is where I’m at…

I’m going to decline the DOD position. However, I want to be more involved in who they are hiring so I can transfer my portfolio to them. I still plan on leaving and at this point no amount of money or title can make me stay… because it never has been about that and never will be.

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