A desperate gamble.

I need a job.

I moved to Seattle just before the pandemic hit. It's made things… err.. interesting. Now that things are opening up, I'm out of excuses.

I've been applying and reaching out the whole time. The former hasn't gotten me anywhere. The latter… well, I've talked with some very nice people, but it hasn't gotten me anywhere either.

I worked in policy/leg for three years in Sacramento. Worked for the Wisconsin legislative staff. I interned for a pedestrian nonprofit in Portland. Served on a library board. I even taught preschool way back in the paleolithic era. I currently work for Beacon Food Forest in Seattle. I don't mind volunteering but really could use a paycheck.

I know about job boards. I don't need help "finding", what I need is the connections or at least a clue as to why I can't get hired. Frankly, I'm at the "give up and go work at the local supermarket and/or jump in front of a bus" phase. Does anyone know anyone, or perhaps have a suggestion?

My LinkedIn, for what it's worth.

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